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S-Data is a public blockchain storage chain based on breakthrough technology and powerful resources, addressing the limitations of IPFS, providing a strong reward model for miners, end-to-end seamlessness for users of the original centralized storage and accelerating network.S-Data also provides the BSP Blockchain open storage protocol to develop DAPP with reliable storage, low cost, high capacity, and high-performance decentralized storage.Especially, S-Data also provides effective deduplication when combined with other blockchain storage platforms, promises to bring a new look not only in terms of technology but also in terms of cost (cost can reach 10 times cheaper)for the storage industry.

Why should we use S-Data
Better storage
S-Data owns proprietary technology patents “deduplicated after encrypting data”, professional data and storage security capabilities ensure that user data sovereignty is not compromised, data is not permanently lost, concurrently meet the needs of personal and business data storage security, data deduplication capacity to expand 5-10 times more than data storage space. The field of blockchain storage applications have multiplied, having the overwhelming advantage of centralized storage of the existing hundred billion dollar market (reliability increased by tens of thousands of times, cost reduction many times, add more disaster tolerance and anti-DDos), thereby changing the landscape of blockchain storage.
Better security
S-Data has built a data security mechanism based on the current IPFS storage design. All data are only read by the owner, completely private when stored on S -Data. Encrypt data with Zero-knowledge then deduplicate data, except for data owners and authorized people, who do not have rights (including the owner of the storage node, system designers/operators) cannot edit or read the data content. Therefore users do not need to worry about data leakage if they keep their encryption private key safely.
Effective and saving
S-Data equipped with 4 Apps are content sharing, cloud storage, account management, and Proxy accounts, helping businesses manage data more conveniently and effectively. An open platform for Blockchain storage, providing strong support for Dapp development, connecting all blockchain storage systems through BSP protocol to build a blockchain storage ecosystem. The more the ecosystem develops, the more effective it is. Since then S-Data has become an international standard. S-Data will help businesses save the cost of conventional storage 5 times.
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Dr. Le Anh

"S-data brings new data storage opportunities for businesses while ensuring safety and cost savings"

Shark Pham Thanh Hung

"Good content requires good technology to deliver. If the technology is poor, the clip is jerky, the image loads slowly, it will not promote the strengths of the travel social network. S-data will help Astra develop. this strength. Astra travel social network will be the first application to store image, video and reward data on S-Data. "

Nguyen Van A
Shark Pham Thanh Hung

"With S-data anyone can become a data storage."

Nguyen Van A
CMO Toryu

"I am really impressed with the S-data storage technology. With the advantages such as: decentralization helps to recover data in the event of a problem, duplication helps to save storage space, security. High speed, fast access, and good compatibility with most data transfer protocols and data formats; S-Data provides a robust and comprehensive data solution for most fields including e-commerce, entertainment, cameras, healthcare, banking and especially tourism. "